Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids

  1. Introduce the second language at birth or as soon as possible. Kids don’t get tired to learn. Make it simple and fun. Don’t expect much at the beginning.
  2. If both parents speak the second language, they should speak it consistently at home.
  3. If both parents speak a different languages and one common between them each one should speak his own and together in the same room the common one.
  4. Be patient. Some bilingual kids take longer to begin speaking, but soon catch up. They can mix the languages at the beginning but soon everything will become clear.
  5. Be confident. Research shows benefits and no deficits associated with exposing kids to two or more languages.
  6. Be positive. Kids’ feelings about the second language will be shaped by the parents’ attitudes.
  7. Be creative. Read books, watch videos, set up pen-pal relationships in the second languages. I have selected some books for you to check: Bilingual Books and Toys
  8. Enlist family members who can insist kids speak the second language with them.
  9. Connect your child with other kids who speak the second language – in playgroups, after-school programs or bilingual schools. If you cannot do this check:Nick Jr. Boost Great educational online subscription service that you and your kids love! Have games, toys and features to help your kids' learning take-off while they have a blast playing. Geared for children in preschool through first grade, aged 4, 5 and 6. The characters take them in exciting, adventure-based games based on core curriculum subjects, such as literacy, math, languages, computer literacy, and art. In addition to gaming fun, kids can earn virtual rewards they can proudly exchange for digital prizes.
MTV Networks, Inc.
10. Visit neighborhoods, eat at restaurants or attend cultural events where the languages are spoken.
11. Travel to regions where the languages are spoken.
12. Parents who do not speak a foreign language (even those who do) and want to foster bilingualism should consider language immersion schools even day cares as one of the best ways to raise bilingual children.

Collection of some software that may help:

Babylon's Single
Click Features:

* Translation to and from 75 languages
* Full Web page translation -NEW!!
* Full document translation (Word, PDF, Text) - NEW!!
* Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft office Spellers - NEW!!
* Leading dictionary packs - Oxford, Britannica, & more...

Few simple steps to prepare computers for toddlers

1. Create Shortcuts for Commonly Used Programs.
Create shortcuts for programs that toddlers will frequently use and place these shortcuts on the desktop. To create a shortcut, find the icon that starts the program itself. Right-click it and choose “Desktop create shortcut.”

2. Create a Shutdown Shortcut.
In your goal of creating self-sufficiency, a one-click icon will safely turn off the computer.
Check for more info: For Windows XP: |
For Windows 95 & 98:
3. Get a Large-Key Colorful Keyboard.

For smaller kids get a "Baby Keyboard"
Suitable for kids age of 6 months to 6 years old.

Babies love to pound on the computer keyboard in imitation of their mom and dad. Once your baby start to pound on the keyboard, strikes can activate unwanted programs or change the computer settings.

Baby Keyboard is a software for babies that would both prevent them from deleting all of our files while providing an entertaining experience. It will allow your baby pound and strike the keyboard freely without causing any damage.

Key Features:
1. When the baby presses the keys on your keyboard or clicks the mouse, the screen will display a picture, at the same time will play a sound, sometimes a word will be displayed.

For example, when a lion shows, the computer will play a lion's roar.

2. Baby Keyboard locks the computer system and protects your computer and files, allowing your baby to touch any key at all.
Baby Keyboard locks the "delete" key, Windows logo key, Alt key combinations (such as Alt + F4), Ctrl key combination, Shift key combination and so on. You can press ¡°12345¡± on keyboard to exit the playing window.

3. Baby's ability to receive information is limited, so Baby Keyboard shows the images of individual objects.
In the software a total of more than 700 pictures(245MB) can be used. A picture shows a complete object. Pictures can be displayed in the order, and can also be randomly displayed.

4. Press "A" on keyboard to replay the sound. Press ¡°S¡± on keyboard to play another sound of the same picture. Press the Left key£¬or Up key, or PageUp key to re-display the previous picture.

5. You can set the time to play, and you can also set the keyboard delay time.
After a specified period of time, the picture will move around on the screen. Moreover, it can automatically display the next picture.

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4. Get a Small Mouse.
5.Remove Useless Desktop Icons
Many of the icons that are a natural part of the Windows desktop have no relevance to a two-year-old. Most of these can be right-clicked and removed by selecting “Delete.”
6. Make Things Bigger and Bolder.
Right-click the desktop and choose properties. This takes you to the “Display Properties” window. Select “Appearance.” Select various “Items.” and choose a bigger size than normal, and for text-based items, choose “B” for bold.

7. Program the Mouse for “One-Click” Operation.
8. Get an Internet Filter if the Computer is Connected to the Internet.
9. Get an LCD Monitor, If Possible.
10. Get a “Toddler Desk and Chair.”
Here is a company that designs computers for kids:

Recommended Software.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Software for toddlers

Enjoy a nature walk at home with new software for your Windows or Apple based computer or laptop.Your child can explore and have fun while your computer remains safe.You can press ANY key on the keyboard... EVERY key does something different!Visit FOUR different scenes filled with animated animals and soothing sounds.Stimulate your child's imagination by making up your own stories.

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Clicktoy - The Meadow -Trial

Clicktoy - The Meadow

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Unique baby gift

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Costume unique baby gift

Most all parents want their babies to live this dream! Both baby boys and baby girls will be all set for surgery in their “scrubs”—a unique, three-piece baby gift set where ECG stands for “Exceptionally Cute Garments.” With a stethoscope draped around the shoulders, Dr. Baby is ready to make everyone feel good!

Costumes for kids around the world

"Rodopska nosia" is worn on big events like Christmas, Easter, other traditional selebrations, weadings.
This costume is historical. It comes from Bulgarian mountains - Rodopite.

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